Five Reasons Why Same Day Delivery Makes Sense

9 April 2016
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A new trend in retail and B2B delivery is the advent of same day delivery in major metropolitan areas. Such service, once only offered by local businesses like florists and pizza shops, is now being offered by national retailers as well as a larger cross section of local merchants. It's not difficult to see why. Offering same day delivery to your customers can help improve your customer satisfaction, enhance your profitability and help reduce the number of returns you receive.

Benefits of same day delivery

1. Enhanced customer satisfaction. Most consumers want to get their products sooner rather than later, whether they are retail or business customers. After all, the copy machine may be about to run out of ink or you might need that new pair of shoes for a dinner tomorrow. Of course, there's always the scenario where the boss is bellowing for a product as soon as possible. Planning ahead is just not something most people are good at.

2. Higher sales. Many consumers will purchase more from you when they can get their items right away and don't have to wait. This is especially true of consumer products, where being able to use the product quickly adds to the excitement of the sale.

3. Less customer confusion. When it takes days or longer for consumers to receive their order, they are more likely to forget or be confused about what they ordered, increasing the incidence of customer service calls and exchanges.

4. Fewer returns. In addition, when it takes a while for a order to arrive, the consumer may decide that he or she doesn't really need the item he or she ordered or can't really afford the item. If the delivery takes too long, he or she may go out and purchase it from a local retailer. In such cases, your business is likely to receive the item returned for a refund.

5. Extra profit. Since same day delivery requires extra labor and attention, most companies charge a fee for this service. By charging more than your actual cost, this can develop into a new revenue stream for your business and help bolster your company's bottom line.

While offering same day delivery isn't necessarily the right decision for every business, giving your customers the option to choose this service can help you boost sales, increase customer satisfaction and lessen your returns. It's certainly something that most retailers should consider.