Seven Benefits Of Using Clamshell Packaging

30 December 2015
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Clamshells are an eye-catching type of package that showcase your products, while keeping the items secure and sanitary. Named for their distinctive, shell-like shape, this type of packaging is widely-used in the food, hardware and cosmetic industries. However, clamshells can be adapted to most any small to medium-sized product. In addition to the attractive appearance, clamshells offer a number of advantage over other types of custom packaging.

Advantages to custom clamshell packaging

1. Transparent. Clamshells make it easy for potential customers to get a good view of the product without actually handling (and potentially contaminating) it. With this type of packaging, customers can also easily see that the product is in good condition before they purchase it.

2. Uncomplicated. Clamshells are easy to open without a lot of fuss or having to use scissors. The user simply breaks the seal and pops open the top.

3. Versatile. Clamshells can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes as well as in virtually any color. They can also be embossed with your company logo or name, if desired. Clamshells can be designed to hold a single product or a group of products. They can be formed to sit on a shelf or hang from a rack.

4. Protective. Customers, retailers and manufacturers all want to keep products safe from handling and the environment as well as from possible tampering. A clamshell does all of that without any added hassle for the buyer or seller. Clamshells can also help protect products from temperature changes during shipping and handling.

5. Compact. The clamshell's stream-lined design fits closely around the product, wasting little shelf space. That means retailers can stock more of a product in a given space.

6. Recyclable. One of the chief oppositions to clamshell packaging from both a customer's and a manufacturer's point of view has always been that they are less environmentally-friendly than paper packaging. However, many of today's clamshells are made of recycled plastics. In addition, the packaging can be recycled yet again once it is opened and no longer needed.

7. Theft resistant. Though they aren't difficult for consumers to open, you have to break the seal to extract the product from a clamshell. Therefore, potential thieves can't just reach in and snatch the product quickly as you can with many other types of packages, thus making clamshells more resistant to theft and pilfering.

While clamshell packaging isn't the right choice for every product, this versatile type of packaging is eye-catching, uncomplicated and keeps your product well-protected. Contact a custom packaging provider, like Packaging Center Inc, for more information.