How To Make Your Move An Easy One

30 December 2015
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Whether you are moving across town or to a totally different city, moving brings mixed emotions with it. While your family is probably looking forward to new experiences and to making new friends, it is also sad to be saying goodbye to beloved friends and family. It's often even hard to leave doctors, dentists, your pharmacist, and others who were a major part of your life. Packing up and doing the actual move can just add more stress. Here are some ideas that might make your move an easy one.

Establish A New Comfort Zone - Even before you move away, get yourself established with new people who will provide services to you and your family. Ask your present dentist, your doctors and other providers to give you names of colleagues they can recommend. Besides that, find clubs and organizations that your family would enjoy. For example, if your kids love to swim, find out if there's a swim team in your new area. If you love flower arranging, find out if there are classes you can take where you would meet individuals who share your same interest.

Make Packing Easier - Have a family meeting. Ask all of your family members to go through their personal belongings so they can determine what stays and what moves with you. Set a place for items that will go to charity and another place for things that may be sold at a yard sale before you move. Remind everybody that whatever is left in the house will be packed. That means that, even if your son didn't mean to take his dirty old sneakers, they will be ready to be unpacked at the new house. Also, it's a good idea for each person to have a small suitcase, a backpack or simply a box of things they want to keep accessible during the trip. Of course, an adult needs to supervise, especially when it comes to packing medications.

Moving Day - If possible, be at your home when the movers come. That way you can give them special directions on specific items. However, even if you're not present, the movers will be trained and will have the experience to pack everything in a professional way. Delicate items will be placed in protective wrapping and art work will be placed in secure crates. If it's a rainy day, your furniture will be protected, too. If something is damaged or lost, however, the moving company will replace it or reimburse you for the cost of the item.

Be sure to keep important papers with you, including contact numbers for your movers.

To learn more, contact a moving service or company.